No Donation, Direct Admission in Engineering

Are you an Admission Aspirant? Looking for Direct Admission in AICTE approved college?

* Seeking admission in a reputed Engineering college for enrollment is BE/ B Tech course without even bothering about any donation?
* Would you want to get admitted in a college with AICTE approved college(s) of certain proven repute?
* Are you looking forward to be an accomplished Engineering degree holder?
* Wanting to complete a full time and an on-premise Engineering course?
* Given that you allow us to show you the way out, you can well reach your cherished destination, so that your aspiration meets a sweet destiny.
* You can now very well get your engineering degree at one of the more reputed and known BE colleges and universities.
* You need not even backtrack an inch from achieving your aspiration and your much sought after dream anymore.
* We can help you in moving ahead and achieving your own true deserving place in the corporate world.
* Placement in a reputed Engineering college can be well ascertained if you show the will and clarity of desire.
* No more need on worrying about how your own career shapes and provides you back your returns.
* You might only be a small moment away from achieving your rosy destiny – an Engineering Degree.

Please note that:

We place our candidates in colleges of high significance and regard with facilities as given below:

* Computing Facilities and Labs
* State-of-the-art Libraries
* Well facilitated Laboratories
* Workshops

Computing Facilities: The major role that Information Technology plays towards skill enhancement is recognized. Hence computing labs form an integral part in a well rounded and for balanced growth of our candidates.

Books are the best friends to an engineer in making. Thus, technology and information related books and articles are substantially made available by means of thoughtfully collected contents in State-of-the-art Libraries.

It is a common saying that one ounce of practice could be as good as tons of myriads of preaching. Therefore teaching can be considered to be well propitious when it is coupled with practicals in engineering courses. It is but obvious that laboratories for engineering studies are made available on premise and the formative years of an engineering in fostered with practical knowledge.

Workshops can be the most enjoyable part of a engineering student’s stay in the pristine premises of his Alma Mater. An engineer of substance does need substantial exposure and learning in well enabled workshops.

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EduTech Guide: Your Educational Counselor

EduTech Guide: Excellent Team
EduTech Guide: Excellent Team


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EduTech Guide: Your Guide
EduTech Guide : Your Educational Counselor
EduTech Guide : Your Educational Counselor
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EduTech Guide: Educational Consultancy