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It’s good to know that you are searching for a counselor in your city. With this post i will try to provide the information and assure you that here your search ends. It might possible that you already have heard about EduTech Guide as one of the leading career counselor in Delhi NCR and having branches in Delhi, Bangalore and Patna. If not here is a quick look.

About EduTech Guide

EduTech Guide, one of the leading education consultancy service provider, extending support and works as a bridge between student and university/Institutions. As EduTech Guide have association with most of reputed colleges and also authorised to take admission on their behalf. We can give you access to quality education. We will provide you with the information packages on courses, eligibility, fee structure and scholarship assistance.
EduTech Guide offers you educational services, such as  career guidance and consultations as first hand information & knowledge on the concerned field of study. Hassle Free Processing, College selection based on student’s personal, academic and financial requirement, No Donation with assured admission are few of benefits you get from EduTech Guide

Any student who is looking for career counseling or admission guidance can contact us and surely we will provide you the counseling onsite(on payable basis) or you can visit any of our office. EduTech Guide provides career counseling and helps you to decided the best career possibilities. We may help you to get admission into the best medical, dental engineering and management colleges. We do not believe in free services but in a reasonable one. If you are looking for an honest counseling, EduTech Guide is your destination. To know more call 11- 11-65487667, 9212155696 or 9155664504.

What Do Career Counselors Do?:

Career counselors perform a range of duties, including the following:

  • Administer personality and interest inventories
  • Use achievement and aptitudes tests to help clients get a better idea of what they are good at
  • Counsel clients who are considering a career change
  • Evaluate clients educational and work backgrounds in order to help them determine what they need to do next to achieve their goals
  • Advise students about what courses and educational programs they need for particular careers
  • Help clients select the right schools or programs for their needs
  • Help students locate sources of financial support to pay for school and other training programs
  • Teach and practice jobs skills such as interviewing, resume writing, and networking

 Why Career Counseling?

When candidate is not able to decide what to do next, he is confused with the multiple option then he should meet career counselor. These individuals have a rich experience and can explain you about the possibilities and pros and cons of the available career options. Here i also wanted to suggest you strictly that don’t go blindly with a counselor but listen them carefully and work on the suggestion. In the end ask yourself and take your decision.

How EduTech Guide Works

EduTech Guide is your guide, your educational counselor who helps you with the honest available information and we also encourage you to share your query, doubts, information and experience related to education with us. No matter you’re student, parents, teacher or just a reader you can share your experience you can ask your query to us. EduTech Guide helps students to use the resources in a good way and today is a tech savvy world and so we do seminars webinar and small discussion and personal meetings with students and make them aware of these technologies and how smartly they can use these resource.

You know in a city like Muzaffarpur there are many career counselor, admission providers and still most of the students got into a wrong college. We at EduTech Guide don’t ask you to bound with our options but yes we do urge to visit us. We are not giving services free not even informations is our case free but yes if you meet us no matter with which channel you’re going forward you will find yourself at the right place and our information will be useful for always.

Do EduTech Guide Helps to Get Direct Admission

Yes, EduTech Guide provides Direct Admission in all professional courses(Engineering, Medical, Dental, Management etc.) under management quota. We can help you to get Direct Admission in Top College of Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai Mainly.

So if you are looking for career counseling, admission guidance or educational information you can contact us on any of help line number. 11- 11-65487667, 9212155696 or 9155664504.

Thank you for reading.

[Experts with rich academic background can join us to share the best information available and to help students to pursue their dream.]

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Team EduTech Guide



We at EduTech Guide helps student with the updated information on various career options and also help them to get hassle free admission and best guidance. In this post we are sharing the list of Best Private Engineering College.

EduTech Guide is Leading Admission consultancy in Delhi NCR. Students can contact us for Direct admission in Top Private Colleges under management quota.



Best Private Engineering Colleges / University of India
1 BITS-Pilani, Pilani, Rajasthan 51 United Greater Noida
2 MIT  Pune 52 Lord Krishna Ghaziabad
3 VIT Vellore 53 ZHITM Agra
4 Dhiru Bhai Ambani Gandhi Nagar 54 IIMT Meerut
5 RV Bangalore 55 Kautillya Institute Jaipur
6 AMITY Noida 56 CT Group Jalandhar
7 SJ College Mysore 57 HR Group Ghaziabad
8 Shashtra University Thanjavur 58 Regional Engg. College Jaipur
9 SSN  Chennai 59 Vallamai College of Engineering Chennai
10 ICFAI Hyderabad 60 Tagore College of Engineering Chennai
11 Amirta Inst of Tech. Coimbatore 61 Lord Venkateshwara Chennai
12 KJ Sumaiya Mumbai 62 CIT Engineering College Bangalore
13 PSG Coimbatore 63 SSIT Bangalore
14 BIT Mesra Ranchi 64 SDDIETM Chandigarh
15 Thapad Patiyala 65 Bangalore College of Engineering Bangalore
16 Manipal Manipal 66 Noorul Islam University, Hyderabad Chennai
17 Nirma Ahmedabad 67 Saddan College of Engineering Hyderabad
18 Chetanya Bharathi Hyderabad 68 RKDF Bhopal
19 BMS Bangalore 69 Jagannath University Jaipur
20 SRM Chennai 70 CMR Bangalore
21 Gitam                       Vishakhapatnam 71 Heritage Kolkata
22 Sardar Patel Mumbai 72 ICAR Bhubneshwar
23 Dr. DY Patil Pune 73 Singhad Pune
24 YCC Nagpur 74 LNCT Bhopal
25 VIT Pune 75 LPU Jalandhar
26 Galgotia Noida 76 Techno India Kolkata
27 ITM Gurgawon 77 Priyadarshini Nagpur
28 Hindustan Chennai 78 Purnima Jaipur
29 Babu Banarsi Das Lucknow 79 Dewan Meerut
30 KL College of Engg.  Vaddeshwaram 80 Jind Institue Jind
31 GNIT Greater Noida 81 SRM Global Chandigarh
32 Jaypee Solan 82 SKP Chennai
33 MS Ramiya Bangalore 83 VELS University Chennai
34 Mufkham Jah Hyderabad 84 Shankara Jaipur
35 Kongu Engg. College Erode 85 Vinyaka Mission Chennai
36 Karunya Inst. of Tech. Coimbatore 86 Don Bosco Bangalore
37 Satya Bhama Chennai 87 SSVT Jalgaon
38 PESIT Bangalore 88 PCET Chandigarh
39 Manav Rachna Gurgaon 89 Accurate Gr. Noida
40 Dr. MGR  Chennai 90 PRIEST Chennai
41 Dyanand Sagar Bangalore 91 Indra Pune
42 BGIET Patiyala 92 Bansal Meerut
43 Mahindra Engg. College Selam 93 Japyee Meerut
44 BVP Pune 94 Vel Tech University Chennai
45 New Horizon Bangalore 95 Mangalyatan Ali Garjh
46 JCERC Jaipur 96 Shobhit University Meerut
47 Excel College of Engg. Coimbatore 97 JSPM Pune
48 BRCM Biwani 98 K. C. Group Nawan shahar
49 GH Rai Sony Pune 99 Samlakha Panipat
50 IMS  Ghaziabad 100 DAV Faridabad
Top 75 Private Engineering Colleges Delhi & NCR and Uttar Pradesh
1 Galgotia, Greater Gr. Noida 39 Aravali Inst. of Aero. Engg.


2 GNIT Gr. Noida 40 Guru Gram Inst. of Aero. Engg. Faridabad
3 KNMIET Modinagar 41 Bharat Inst. of Technology Meerut
4 IMS Ghaziabad 42 Rattan Inst. of Technology Fridabad
5 NIET Gr. Noida 43 World College of Tech. & Mgmt. Gurgaon
6 Manav Rachna Faridabad 44 Satya College of Engg. Palwal
7 Dewan Meerut 45 J. P.


8 Neelkanth Meerut 46 School of Aeronautics N. Delhi
9 ZHITM Agra 47 Indian Inst. of Aircraft Engg. Delhi
10 RBMI Barilly 48 Naraina Group of Inst. Kanpur
11 BBDITM Ghaziabad 49 Om Sai College of Engg. Baghpat
12 Lord Krishna Ghaziabad 50 Satyam Group of Colleges G.Bad
13 HR Group Ghaziabad 51 Bhagwati Institute of Technology G.Bad
14 RD Engineering College Ghaziabad 52 K.L.S. Institute of Engg. & Tech. Lucknow
15 United Gr. Noida 53 PM Group of Institutions Rohtak
16 Sky Line Gr. Noida 54 Swami Vivekanand Subharti Univ. Meerut
17 Delhi Engineering College Faridabad 55 P.K. Institute of Technology Mathura
18 DNS Muzafar Nagar 56 ITS Ghaiziabad
19 DS College of Engineering Ghaziabad 47 College of Science & Engineering G.Bad
20 Sachdeva Institute of Tech. Mathura 58 Kali Charan Nigam Inst. of Tech. Lukcnow
21 Aryan College of Engineering                      Ghaziabad 59 Vision Institute of Technology Kanpur
22 Accurate, Greater Noida 60 KPGI Agra
23 SRM, Modinagar Ghaziabad 61 Aravali College of Engg. & Mgmt. Rohtak
24 Shubrati University Meerut 62 Indus Institute of Technology Kanpur


63 Bharat Institute of Technology Sonipat
26 Arya Bhatta Meerut 64 Al-Falah School of Engg. & Tech.                Delhi
27 Aravali Institute Fridabad 65 Northern India Engg. College Lucknow
28 IEC, Greater Gr. Noida 66 BIT Muzaffarnagar
29 R. K. Goel Institute Ghaziabad 67 Sri Griraj Maharaj College of Engineering & Management Lucknow
30 Hitech Institute Ghaziabad 68 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj College of Engineering & Technology Lucknow
31 SIT Meerut 69 DSM Group of Institutions Lucknow
32 Al-Falah Institute Faridabad 70 Vidya Bhawan College of Engineering & Technology Kanpur
33 Global Institute of Technology Gurgaon 71 International Institute of Technology & Business Sonipat
34 Dronacharya Gr. Noida 72 ABSS Institute of Technology Meerut
35 G. L. Bajaj Gr. Noida 73 RN College of Engg. & Tech. Panipat
36 ITS Gr. Noida 74 RBIT Agra
37 Bansal Institute of Technology Meerut 75 DDIT Dehradun
38 DJ Universe Ghaziabad      
Top & Best 25 Private Engineering Colleges Haryana and Punjab
1 Thapar Patiyala 14 Surya Group of Institutions


2 Swami Vivekanand


15 GGS Mogha


16 Universal Gr. of Institutions Mohali
4 Chitkara Patiala 17 PCET Lalruh mandi
5 CT Group Jalandhar 18 Arya Bhatta Group of Institution Ambala
6 SRM Global Chandigarh 19 Baba Farid Faridkot
7 KC Group Nawan Shahar 20 Samlakha Sonipat
8 RIMT Engg. Institute Mandi Govind Garh 21 Indo Global Chandigarh
9 Lovely Professional University Jalandhar 22 Baba Kuma Singh Amritsar
10 Lala Lajpat Rai Moga 23 PIET


11 Aadesh Farid Kot 24 CEM Kapoorthala
12 Swami Devi Dayal Panchkula 25 St. Soldier Group of Institutions Jalandhar
13 Amritsar Institute of Technology Amritsar      
Top 30 Private Engineering Colleges / University of Rajasthan
1 JCERC Jaipur 16 Regional College Jaipur
2 Purnima


17 Modi Institute of Technology Kota
3 Shankara Jaipur 18 Ayojan School of Arch. Jaipur
4 Apex Jaipur 19 Stani Engineering College Jaipur
5 Deep Shiksha Jaipur 20 Jagannath University Jaipur
6 Jaipur Institute of Technology Jaipur 21 BRM Institute of Technology Jaipur
7 Arya Jaipur 22 Yagyavalkya Inst. of Tech. Jaipur
8 Rajdhani Campus Institute of Technology & Management Jaipur 23 School of Aeronautics Nimrana
9 Maharsi Arvind Jaipur 24 Global College of Engineering Jaipur
10 Institute of Engg. & Tech. Kota 25 Dr. Radha Krishnan Jaipur
11 NIMS University               Jaipur 26 Bhagwant University Rajasthan
12 Jaipur National University Jaipur 27 Mewar University Chittorgarh
13 Kautilya Inst. of Tech. Jaipur 28 Gyan Vihar Jaipur
14 GNIT      Jaipur 29 Jyoti Vidya Peeth Jaipur
15 Laxmi Devi Institute of Technology Jaipur 30 Alwar Institute Kota
Top 20 Private Engineering Colleges / University of Maharastra
1 MIT Pune 11 Allana College of Architecture Pune
2 Dr. D. Y. Patel Pune 12 JSPM Pune
3 Singhad College of Engineering Pune 13 Amrutwani College of Engineering Pune
4 Bharti Vidyapeeth University Pune 14 GD College of Engineering Nagpur
5 Indra College of Engineering Pune 15 SSBT Jalgaon
6 Priyadarshini Nagpur 16 Pandav College of Engineering Nagpur
7 G. H. Rai Soni Pune 17 WAN College of Engineering Nagpur
8 MGM Aurangabad 18 MOJE College of Engieering Pune
9 Bhagwati College of Engg. Nagpur 19 Wadia Pune
10 KDK Nagpur 20 J. H. Rai Soni Ahmadnagar
Top 30 Private Engineering Colleges / University of Madhya Pradesh
1 LNCT Bhopal 16 SAM College of Engineering Bhopal
2 Oriental Bhopal 17 Patel College of Enging Bhopal
3 TIT Bhopal 18 Indore Institute of Tech Indore
4 Sagar Bhopal 19 Jabalpur Eng.g College Jabalpur
5 RKDF Bhopal 20 Madhav Institute of Tech Bhopal
6 NRI Bhopal 21 Surbhi & Satyam Group of Inst. Bhopal
7 VNS Bhopal 22 Maxim Institute of Technology Bhopal
8 MILLENIUM Bhopal 23 Gridhar School of Engg Bhopal
9 Mittal Institute of Technology Bhopal 24 ITM Gwalior
10 Bhopal Institute of Tech Bhopal 25 Sha-Shib College of Tech Bhopal
11 Bhabha Research Institute Bhopal 26 IPS Academy Indore
12 Sri Satya Sai Institute of Science & Technology Sihor 27 Bharti Vidya Mandir Gwalior
13 GITS Gwalior 28 Jain Group of Colleges Gwalior
14 IES Group of Institutions Bhopal 29 Acro Polis Indore
15 Aditya College of Engg. Satna 30 NRI Inst. of Tech. & Mgmt Gwalior
Top 30 Private Engineering Colleges / University of Tamil Nadu
1 VIT Vellore 16 Excel Group Coimbatore
2 Satya Bhama University Chennai 17 Kaveri Institute of Tech Salem
3 S. R. M. Chennai 18 Raja Laxmi Institute Chennai
4 Hindustan University Chennai 19 Sri Nivasa College of Engg Chennai
5 Dr. M. G. R. Chennai 20  Tagore College of Engg             Chennai
6 Dhan Laxmi Sri Niwasan Inst Perambalur 21 RMK College of Engg Chennai
7 Vinayaka Mission University Chennai 22 Vallamai College of Engg Chennai
8 Lord Venkateshwara Chennai 23 Vel Tech University Chennai
9 Kalasalingam University                Virudhunagar 24 Abdur Rahman University Chennai
10 Bharat University Chennai 25 Savita University Chennai
11 Sastra University Chennai 26 Fumra Institute Chennai
12 AMET University Chennai 27 Alim mohd. Sale Chennai
13 Hindustan Institute of Tech. Chennai 28 Jaya College of Engg Chennai
14 Anna Malai University Chidambaram 29 Vels University Chennai
15 Indra Education  Chennai 30 Zarushlam College of Engg Chennai
Top 30 Private Engineering Colleges / University of Karnataka
1 R. V. College of Engig Bangalore 16 Sridevi Tumkur
2 SIT Tumkur 17 RR Institute of Technology           Bangalore
3 M. S. Ramiya Bangalore 18 MS Engineering College                Bangalore
4 Dayanand Sagar Bangalore 19 Islamia Institute of Technology  Bangalore
5 PESIT Bangalore 20 Banglore College of Engineering Bangalore
6 BMS College of Engg Bangalore 21 East West Inst of Tech   Bangalore
7 Acharya Inst. of Technology Bangalore 22 Sri Venkateshwara          Bangalore
8 HKBK Bangalore 23 Anjuman Engg. College Bhatchal (N.K.)
9 SSIT        Tumkur 24 AMC Engineering College             Bangalore
10 Reva Bangalore 25 Karavali College of Engg    Bangalore
11 Oxford Bangalore 26 DAV Bangalore
12 Al-ameen Bangalore 27 KBN Gulbarga
13 New Horizon      Bangalore 28 KNS Inst. of Technology                Bangalore
14 CIT Engineering College Bangalore 29 Vrindavan Bangalore
15 MVJ College of Engineering         Bangalore 30 Baswa Kalyan Engg. College Bider
Top 15 Private Engineering Colleges / University of Andhra Pradesh
1 Mufkham Hyderabad 9 Royal Engineering College Hyderabad
2 Chetanya Bharti Inst. Hyderabad 10 MNR Group Hyderabad
3 Al-Habib College of Tech.  Hyderabad 11 Sreenidhi Inst. of Tech. Hyderabad
4 Nezam  Hyderabad 12 Vasavi College of Engg   Hyderabad
5 St. Marry Hyderabad 13 Johnson Institute of Tech Hyderabad
6 Saddan Hyderabad 14 Vathsalya Inst of Tech    Hyderabad
7 Ezza College of Engg Adilabad 15 Mughal Engineering College Hyderabad
8 Anwar-ul-olum Hyderabad      
Top 10 Private Engineering Colleges / University of West Bengal and Orissa
1 Haldia Institute of Tech. Halida 6 Beerbhum Engineering College Beerbhum
2 Techno Group   Kolkata 7 Durgapuri Institute of Science & Technology Durgapur
3 Heritage               Kolkata 8 Bhubaneswar Institute of Technology Bhubaneswar
4 Bengal Institute of Technology & Mnagement    Silliguri 9 GIST Gunepur
5 Asansol Engineering College Asansol 10 Synergy Group Bhubaneswar

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