Distance Learning Center in Patna

Future Institute of Management Technology and Science also called FIMTS Academy has opened its branch in Patna Last Week. Future Institute Patna will offer all the services of FIMTS, New Delhi.


FIMTS Academy is emerging as a global leader in providing quality Distance Education, offering a rich portfolio of course in the field of Engineering, Management and Computer & IT
In the summer of 2005, founder of FIMTS Academy has begun it`s journey with mission to deliver a global standard of education, a journey which defined the pathway of FIMTS academy, aims to create a global platform with local presence carving the new skill of future India .
Over the years, FIMTS Academy has manifested into a academy of excellence, the four pillars- Innovation, Creativity, Technology and Education has guided the academy in delivering the unique learning experience across a broad spectrum of academic and social environments. In recent year the academy has made its connection to the wider world even more explicit.
The work of FIMTS team members know no geographic or intellectual bounds, with research touching topic in the field of Engineering , management and computer carving the pathway, to generate a new breed of intellectual, socially sound youth India.
At FIMTS we think that the two are not only complementary, they’re inseparable, we believe that teaching is more inspirational. When delivered by passionate scholars engaged in world changing research- and that research is stronger when delivered in an academic community that includes student.
We warmly welcome you to explore the FIMTS Academy, both through these web pages and in person.

Services For Working Professionals-
* Distance Learning Programs
* Attestation and Appostation Facility
* Professional Network
* Current Opening Information
Services For Regular Students-
* Free Counseling and Career Advice
* Help in selection of suitable course and campus
* Admission Guidance
* Scholarship Assistance
So Don’t wait more and contact your counselor today for free counseling and go for the best suitable course for you and have some new skill, new certificates/degrees. Have a Better Career.
[Share this information with your friends who can get benefited from the experts.]

Visit Institute’s Website- http://fimts.co.in or call +91-9213997671 to know more.

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