Fire Safety Course

EduTech Guide_Fire and SafetyWhen the Twin Towers of the World Trade Centre came crashing down, the sacrifice made by firefighters made them the real heroes. Not just in the US, but globally, the fire fighters are commended for their choice of the job despite knowing the risk involved in it.  The demand for fire protection engineers continues to grow, providing nearly unlimited career opportunities. Well-paying jobs abound in business, government, and industry, including consulting engineering firms, the petrochemical industry, the entertainment industry, insurance companies, federal agencies, healthcare facilities, code enforcement agencies, and many other areas. The number of career opportunities consistently exceeds the number of engineers available.

There are number of Institute/Universities offering diploma and degree courses in Fire Safety and you should opt them wisely. To get the exactly what you want or to know more about the course you can contact our Expert counselor on these numbers 011-65487667, 09212155696 or 09155664504. You can also write us at or can visit us personally at any of our offices.


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