B.Ed Admission Started

Good Morning Guyz,
This is to inform you all candidates who are looking for admission in B.Ed program from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak. We have started collecting documents so that we ensure your counseling in better way and can help you to get into a college of your choice. If you have not submitted your documents, we request you to submit it soon.

For Kurukshetra University
We have started counseling and to enroll yourself for B.Ed or JBT program visit us today. Limited seats so don’t wait.

For B.R.A. Bihar University
Candidates who have given entrance for B.R.A Bihar University colleges are requested to visit center to know the result, admission with associated college has already started and they are taking admission on first come first serve, so book your seat before someone else do.

With best wishes for your bright future.

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Sunny Kumar


MDU Affiliated B.Ed Colleges

Sr.No Name of Colleges Total Seats District  Govt. Aided/ Self Financing
Government College
1. Govt. College of Education, Narnaul (Mahendergarh) 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH Govt. College
2. Govt. College of Education, Bhiwani 128 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI Govt. College
Government Aided College
3. C.R. College of Education, Rohtak 120 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK Govt. Aided
4. G.B. College of Education, Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
5. Hindu College of Education, Sonepat 170 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
6. K.M. College of Education, Bhiwani 128 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI Govt. Aided
7. MLRS College of Education, Ch. Dadri (Bhiwani) 120 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI Govt. Aided
8. RBS College of Education, Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI Govt. Aided
9. RLS College of Education, Sidhrawali (Gurgaon) 170 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON Govt. aided
10. S.P. College of Education, Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
11. T.R.College of Education, Sonepat 114 100(SF) SONEPAT Govt. Aided
12. Vaish College of Education, Rohtak 200 (100 seats in S.F.) (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
Self Financing College 
13. S.D. College of Education, Isharwal (Bhiwani) 100 BHIWANI Self-financing
14. J.K. Memorial College of Education, VPO Birhi Kalan Dist. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI Self Financing
15. Maharana Pratap College of Education for Women, Meham Road, Vill. Paluwas, Dist. Bhiwani 100 (Girls) BHIWANI -do-
16. Vigya College of Education, Loharu (Bhiwani) 200 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
17. Women College of Education, Jho-Jhu Kalan (Bhiwani) 100 (Girls) BHIWANI Self Financing
18. Sant Roshan Lal College of Education(for Women), Vill. Dhani Mahu (Bhiwani) 200 (Girls) BHIWANI -do-
19. Shri Krishna College of Education, Atela, Charkhi Dadri (Bhiwani) 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
20. Tagore College of Education, VPO Barwa, Distt. Bhiwani 200 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
21. Smt. Santra Devi College of Education, VPO- Samaspur, Tehsil-Ch. Dadri, Distt. Bhiwani 200 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
22. Hitkari College of Education, VPO Mandola Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
23. H.N. College of Education, VPO-Sanga, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
24. Arya College of Education, VPO-Jhojhu Kalan, Tehsil Ch. Dadri, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
25.  Adarsh  College of Education, Dhani Ramjas Road, Siwani Mandi, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI Self-Financing
26. Haryana College of Education, Vill-Mehrana, PO-Dhani Phogat, Tehsil-Charkhi Dadri,Distt. Bhiwani. 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
27. National College of Education, Vill- Loharu, Distt. Bhiwani 200 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
28. Green Meadows College of Education, Vill- Charkhi, Tehsil-Ch. Dadri, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
29. Aryavart College of Education, VPO- Adampur Dadhi, Tehsil- Ch. Dadri, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
30. Saraswati College of Education, Vill- Mandola, PO- Kaliyana, 7th Mile Stone, Charkhi Dadri-Mohindergar Road, Tehsil-Ch. Dadri, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
31. Pt. Sita Ram Shastri B.Ed Training College, Meham Gate, Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
32. Y.P.S. Memorial College of Education, Kakroli Sardara, Tehsil-Ch. Dadri, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
33. Major Nafe Singh Kungariya College of Education, VPO- Kungar, Tehsil- Bawanikhera, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
34. Baba Siddhnath College of Education, Village- Bhandwa, PO- Badhra, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
35. Baba Mungipa Vidya Peeth Education College, VPO- Bushan, Tehsil-Tosham, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
36. Venketeshwar College of Education, Vill- Bakhtawarpur, Tehsil-Siwani Mani, Distt. Bhiwani. 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
37. Hindu College of Education, Loharu, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
38. B.K. College of Education, Bawani Khera, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
39. K.C.M. Army College of Education, Tigrana Mor, Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI Self-Financing
40. Bright College of Education, VPO- Kitlana, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
41. Vaish College of Education, VPO- Baund Kalan, Tehsil-Ch. Dadri, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
42. Marc College of Education, Lohani, Distt. Bhiwani 100 (Co-Edu.) BHIWANI -do-
43. Shiv College of Education, Tigaon (Faridabad) 350 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
44. M.R. College of Education, Sector-43, Aravli Hills, Delhi Faridabad Road, Faridabad 200 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
45. B.S.Anangpuria Institute of Education, Vill Alampur, Ballabgarh-Sohna Road, Faridabad 100 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
46. Rise Max College of Education, Vill. Jharsaintly, Delhi Mathura Road, Distt.  Faridabad 200 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
47. Al-Flah School of Education & Training, Vill. Dhauj Distt Faridabad 300 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
48. Rattan Singh Girls College of Education, Harphala-Seekri (Faridabad) 197 (Girls) FARIDABAD Self-Financing
49. Gold Field College of Education, Village- Chhainsa, Ballabgarh, Distt. Faridabad 200 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
50. Aravali College of advanced Studies in Education,Ballabgarh-Sohna Road, Vill. Pali, Distt. Faridabad. 200 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
51. Smt. Bhagwani Memorial Institute of Higher Education, Sohna-Samepur Road, Sector-56, Rajiv Colony, Tehsil-Ballabgarh, Distt.  Faridabad. 100 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
52. Bhartiyam College of Education, Vill. Panehra Khurd, Ballabgarh, Distt. Faridabad 100 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
53. Satyug Darshan Institute of Education and Research(for Girls), Vill & P.O. Bhopani, Lalpur Road, Distt. Faridabad…………. 100 (Girls) FARIDABAD -do-
54. Balaji College of Education, Adarsh Nagar, Ballabhgarh Distt. Faridabad 100 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD Self-Financing
55. K.R.  College of Education, VPO-Fatehpur Billoch, Tehsil-Ballabgarh, Distt-Faridabad 100 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
56. Jagriti Institute of Higher Education, Vill. & P.O. Mohna,Tehsil-Ballabgarh, Distt. Faridabad 200 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
57. Sai Mohan College of Education, Tigaon Road, Neemka, Distt. Faridabad 100 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
58. Dehat Vikas Institute of Education and Technology, Bainsrawall Road, Vill- Tigaon Distt. Faridabad 100 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
59. Meenakshi College of Education, Ward NO. 9, Kotwal Colony, Mohana Road, Ballabgrah, Distt. Faridabad 100 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
60. Institute of Teacher Education, Immamudin Pur, Ballabgarh, Distt. Faridabad 100 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
61. St. Luke College of Education, VPO- Chandpur, Tehsil- Ballabgarh, Distt. Faridabad 100 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
62. Modern International College of Education, Vill- Jasana, Post-Badarpur, Distt. Faridabad 100 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
63. Pt. L.R. College of Education, Fetehpur Bilich, Ballabgarh, Distt. Faridabad (Haryana) 100 (Co-Edu.) FARIDABAD -do-
64. Ch. Partap Singh Memorial College of Education,Sector-34, Near Marble Market, Gurgaon 200( Co-Edu.) GURGAON Self-Financing
65. Starex Institute of Education, VPO Bhora Kalan, Bilaspur Chowk, Gurgaon 200 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
66. Deen Dayal Rustogi College of Education,Via Haily Mandi, Khadevla Farukh Nagar, Dist. Gurgaon. 200 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
67. Sardar Patel College of Education, Farukhnagar (Guraon) 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
68. KIIT College of Education, Bhondsi Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
69. Lord Krishana College of Education, Jamalpur, Distt. Gurgaon. 200 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
70. Laxmi College of Education, Kasan (Gurgaon) 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
71. B.M. College of Education, Vil. Hari Nagar (Dumha) Tehsil Farukhnagar, Distt. Gurgaon 200 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
72. Rao Mohar Singh College of Education, Sector-73,. Behrampur Road, Near Hero Honda Chowk, Gurgaon 200 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
73. Pataudi College of Education, Opp. New Bus Stand, Pataudi (Gurgaon) 200 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
74. Rao Neki Ram Memorial College of Education,Pataudi,  P.O. Turkapur Bas Padamka, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
75. Rao Dalip Singh College of Education, Vill. Mumtajpur, PO- Bas Padamka, Tehsil-Pataudi, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
76. Maa Saraswati Teachers Training Inst. Vill. Makdola Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
77. Sree Shiv Chaitanya College of Education, Main Road, Bhora Kalan, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
78. B.L. College of Education, Wazirpur, Distt. Gurgaon, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON Self –Financing
79. Jindal College of Education for Girls, Sohna,Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Girls) GURGAON -do-
80. Rao Udmi Ram Memorial College of Education, Vill. Jamalpur, Tehsil-Farukh Nagar, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
81. Drona College of Education, Ravi Nagar, Basai Road, , Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
82. Lal Bahadur Shastri College of Education, VPO- Jamalpur, Tehsil- Farukhnagr, Distt. Gurgaon, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
83. Jhankar College of Education, Main Gurgaon Pataudi Road, Babra Bakipur, PO- Jamalpur, Tehsil-Farukhnagar, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
84. Laxmi College of Education, Rathiwas (Jat) PO-Sidhrawali Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
85. Vivekanand College of Education, Village, Jolakha, Sohna, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
86. Rastriya Vidya Education College, Basai Road, Krishan Nagar, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
87. Oxford College of Education, Village- Khuranpur, Farukh Nagar, Gurgaon, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
88. Vidya Bhavan College of Education, Khurrampur, Farukhnagar, Gurgaon, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
89. Royal Institute of Science and Management, Wazirpur, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
90. Rao Ram Singh College of Education, VPO- Bhora Kalan, Tehsil-Farukh Nagar, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON Self-Financing
91. D.V.M. College of Education, Vill- Baluda, Post-Sohna,Distt. Gurgaon, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
92. Shri Ram College of Education , VPO- Bhora Kalan, Tehsil- Farukh Nagar, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
93. Vishwas College of Education, Pataudi, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
94. Major Bihari Lal Memorial College of Education, Bilaspur Chowk, Bilaspur, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
95. S.D. College of Education, VPO- Janaula, Pataudi, Tehsil- Farukh Nagar, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
96. R.K. College of Education, Bhora Kalan, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
97. Basant Lal Memorial College of Education, VPO- Garhi Harsaru, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu) GURGAON -do-
98. Rao Mohar Singh College of Education, Vil- Jatauli, Tehsil- Pataudi, Distt. Gurgaon 100 (Co-Edu.) GURGAON -do-
99. Vaish Arya Kanya Shikshan Mahavidyalya, Bahadurgarh (Jhajjar) 100 (Girls) JHAJJAR -do-
100. Disha College of Education, VPO M.P. Majra Dist. Jhajjar. 97 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
101. P.D.M. College of Education, Sarai Aurangabad(B.garh) 200 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
102. Ravindra Bharti College of Education,C/o KSM Public School, Gurgaon Road, Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
103. Cambridge College of Education(For Women), Vill. Birar, Distt. Jhajjar (Haryana) 200 (Girls) JHAJJAR -do-
104. D.H. Lawrence College of Education for Women, Rohtak Road, Jhajjar (Haryana) 100 (Girls) JHAJJAR -do-
105. Ganga College of Education, VPO-Dujana, Tehsil-Beri, Distt. Jhajjar (Haryana) 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
106. M.R. Nauhnty College of Education, Vill. Kherka Gujjar, PO Dulhera Tehsil-Bahadurgarh Distt. Jhajjar (Haryana) 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
107. G.S. College of Education, VPO- Luhari, Distt. Jhajjar (Haryana) 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
108. Lt. Mahipat Singh College of Education, VPO Sarai Aurangabad, Chhara-Beri Road, Bahadurgarh, Distt. Jhajjar 200 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
109. Pragya College of Education, Vill. Dulhera, Tehsil-Bahadurgarh, Distt. Jhajjar, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
110. Haryana Institute of Education, Asodha, Tehsil- Bahadurgarh Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
111. Bhimeshwari Devi College of Education, Baithiyan Panna, Tehsil, Beri, Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR Self-Financing
112. Ganga Institute of Education, 20 K.M. Stone, Jhajjar Bahadurgarh Road, Vill- Kablana, Tehsil & Distt- Jhajjar 200 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
113. Ranjit Singh Memorial College of Education & Technology, VPO Chhara, Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
114. M.D. College of Education, Sarai Aurangabad, Jhajjar Road, P.O. Bahadurgarh, Distt. Jhajjar 200 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
115. A.S. Kharb Memorial College of Education, VPO Kasni, Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
116. M.R.College of Education, VPO Hassanpur Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
117. H.D. College of Education, VPO- Sahlawas, Tehsil & Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
118. Adarsh College of Education, VPO- Dadanpur, Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
119. Shri Sai Baba College of Education, VPO- Jhangirpur, Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
120. Rao Nihal Singh College of Education, VPO- Lohari, Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
121. Netaji Subhash College of Education, VPO- Jhangirpur, Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
122. S.D. Memorial College of Education, Near Village- Jondhi, Chhara Road, Jhajjar, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
123. Sarvodaya College of Education, Khanpur Khurd, Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
124. M.T. College of Education, VPO- Kharhar, Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
125. Maa Ganga College of Education, Gomala Road, VPO- Dujana, Tehsil-Beri, Distt.Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
126. Paramount College of Educaiton, VPO- Chhuchhakwas, Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR Self-Financing
127. D.S.Arya College of Education, Vill- Patel Nagar, PO- Bahadurgarh, Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
128. Modern College of Education, Jhajjar Road, Bahadurgarh, Distt. Jhajjar 100 (Co-Edu.) JHAJJAR -do-
129. Dayawanti Memorial College of Education, Near Country Club, Panchgaon, Tauru Road, Vill. Pada, Sub-Tehsil, Tauru, Mewat 200 (Co-Edu.) MEWAT -do-
130. Shri Shanti Sagar Jain College of Education for Girls, Ferozepur Jhirka (Mewat) 100 (Girls) MEWAT -do-
131. Chanderawati College of Education, VPO- Tauru, Distt. Mewat 100 (Co-Edu.) MEWAT -do-
132. Saraswati Vidya Mandir College of Education, Ferozepur Zirka, Distt. Mewat 200 (Co-Edu.) MEWAT -do-
133. Rao Adal Singh College of Education, Vill. Khatiwas, Post & Tehsil- Tauru, Distt. Mewat 100 (Co-Edu.) MEWAT -do-
134. Sehrawat Degree College of Education, VPO- Hathin, Distt. Nuh (Mewat), Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) MEWAT -do-
136. Shri Krishna College of Education, Mohindergarh.(Now at VPO-Pali Distt. Mohindergarh) 200 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH Self Financing
137. Shri Ganesh College of Education, Nagal Sirohi, Dist. Mahendergarh. 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
138. Yaduvanshi College of Education,Bucholi Road,  Mahendergarh 200 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
139. Sanskriti Institute of Education and Technology, Village, Amarpur Jorasi, Tehsil Narnaul, Distt. Mahendergarh. 197 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
140. Baba Jai Ram Das College of Education, VPO Pali, Distt. Mohendergarh 200 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
141. Maharana Pratap College of Education, Vill. & PO Dhanonda, Distt. Mahendragarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH Self-Financing
142. Sant  Jai Ram Das Memorial College of Education, VPO Pali, Distt. Mohendergarh 200 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH Self-Financing
143. Shri Ram College of Education, Diwan Colony, Near DSP Office, Mohindergarh (Haryana) 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
144. Rao Sultan Singh College of Education, Nimbhera, Tehsil & Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
145. Saraswati College of Education, Kanina Road, Sehlang, Distt. Mohindergarh (Haryana) 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
146 C.L. College of Education, Singhana Road, Near Canal Colony, Narnaul, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
147 B.S. College of Education, Kultajpur Road, Khsra No. 2922/2, Narnaul Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
148 Rao Lal Singh College of Education, Garba Road, Block-Kanina, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
149 Yaduvanshi College of Education, VPO- Patikra, Tehsil Narnaul, Dist. Mohindergarh 200 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
150 Rajesh Pilot Memorial College of Education, Vill-Nayan, P.O. Thanwas, Tehsil-Narnaul Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
151 Rao Pahlad Singh College of Education, Revenue Estate Khatod, Satnali Road, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
152 Saraswati College of Education, Majra Kalan, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
153 M.R. College of Education, Mitterpura Chowk, Miterpura, PO Dublana, Tehsil- Narnaul, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
154 Happy College of Education, Dulana Road, Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
155 Shri Krishan College of Education, Near Rao Tula Ram   Chowk, Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
156 Rao Jai Ram College of Education, BundabajNagar,Ateli Road, Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
157 R.P.S. College of Education, Vill. Khor, P.o. Ateli, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH Self-Financing
158 Ganpati College of Education, Vill- Bhori, P.O. Gujarwas, Tehsil- Narnaul, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
159 Suraj College of Education, Vill.&PO Bucholi, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
160 Gaurav College of Education, Vill- Azam Nagar, PO- Dharsu, Tehsil- Narnaul, Distt, Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
161 Tagore College of Education, Vill. Majra Khurd, Tehsil &  Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
162   Rao Mool Chand College of Education, Vill- Khatoti Kalan, P.O. Hamidpur, Tehsil-Narnaul Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
163 Pitamah Umda Singh College of Education, VPO- Dhanaunda Tehsil Kanina, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
164 Guru College of Education, VPO- Satnali, Tehsil & Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
165 Bhartiya   College of Education, Mohindergarh, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
166 Shiksha Bharti College of Education, Sisoth, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
167 Baba Jai Ram Dass College of Education, Khatod, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
168 K.D. College of Education, Vill- Dhani Bhatuta, Tehsil- Narnaul,Distt. Mohindergar 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
169 K.D. College of Education, VPO- Pali, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
170 Arya College of Education, Vill. Pall, PO-Barawas, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
171 B.R. College of Education, VPO- Sehlang, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
172 Modern College of Education, Gomala Road, VPO- Bhojawas, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
173 Ganpati Institute of Education & Technology, Vill- Karoll, PO- Bashirpur, Tehsil-Narnaul, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH Self-Financing
174 Swami Vivekanand College ofEducation, Vill- Mehrampur, PO- Dharsoon, Tehsil- Narnaul,Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
175 Baba Kheta Nath College of Education, VPO- Sihma, Tehsil-Narnaul, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
176 Aravali College of Education, VPO- Karota, Tehsil- Narnaul, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
177 Aravali College of Education, VPO- Khod,Tehsil-Ateli, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
178 Shree Ganpati Institute of Education & Technology, Vill- Faizabad, PO- Hudina, Tehsil-Narnaul, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
179 Guru Dronacharya College of Education, Vill-Dhani Kirarod, Post-Dharsu, Tehsil-Narnaul, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
180 H.J. Institute of Education & Technology, VPO- Palri Panihara, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co.Edu) MOHINDERGARH -do-
181 Sadasukh College of Education, VPO- Kanina, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co.Edu) MOHINDERGARH -do-
182 B.P.S. College of Education, Behror Road, Near Govt. College, Nangal Choudhary, Tehsil- Narnaul, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co.Edu) MOHINDERGARH -do-
183 Modern College of Education, Chamdhera Road, Mohindergarh 100 (Co.Edu) MOHINDERGARH -do-
184 Pt. Ram Niwas Memorial College of Education, VPO- Nanwan, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co.Edu) MOHINDERGARH -do-
185 Sharbati College of Education, Gaushala Road, Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
186 Shanti College of Education, Vill- Rewasa, Distt. Mohindergarh 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
187 Vaidic Teacher Training College, Village- Chindalia, Post- Nangal Katha, Tehsil- Narnaul, Distt. Mohindergarh (Haryana) 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
188 N.R.B. College of Education, Plot No. 145-146 & 147, Narnaul Road, Village- Khaira, Tehsil & Distt. Mohindergarh (Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) MOHINDERGARH -do-
189 M.K.M. College of Education for Women, Hodel (Palwal) 198 (Girls) PALWAL -do-
190 Advanced Institute of Education, 70 KM Delhi-Mathura Road, Palwal, Distt. Palwal 200 (Co-Edu.) PALWAL -do-
191 Aggarwal College of Education, Adarsh Colony, Garhi Road, Hodel, Distt. Palwal 100 (Co-Edu.) PALWAL -do-
192 Jeevan Jyoti College of Education, VPO- Chhajju Nagar, Tehsil & Distt. Palwal 100 (Co-Edu.) PALWAL -do-
193 SLD Girls College of Education, Vill. Chhaproula,Prithla Road,Tehsil &  Distt. Palwal (Haryana) 100 (Girls) PALWAL -do-
194 Maa Omwati College of Education, VPO- Hassanpur, Tehsil-Hodal, Distt. Palwal 100 (Co-Edu.) PALWAL -do-
195 Ramanujan College of Education, Vill- Mitrol, Tehsil- Hodal, Distt. Palwal 100 (Co-Edu.) PALWAL -do-
196 M.V.N. College of Education, Babchick Road, Tehsil- Hodal, Distt. Palwal (Haryana) 100 (Co-Edu.) PALWAL -do-
197 Rao Abhay Singh College of Education, Gangoli (Saharanwas) Dist. Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI Self-Financing
198 Swaranjali College ofEducation, Deviaws, Bithywana Chowk, PO- Chhuriawas, Dewal Road, Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
199 A.M. College of Education, VPO- Majra Sheoraj, Distt. Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
200 Saheed Capt. D.K. Khola College of Education, VPO-Zainabad, Distt. Rewari 200 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
201 Progressive Learning College of Education, 7 KM Miles Stone, Rewari-Delhi Road, Vill. Jaunawas Distt. Rewari. 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI Self-Financing
202 Krishana College of Education, Nahar Road, Railway Station, Kosli,Distt. Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
203 J.R. Memorial College of Education, Near uma Bharti Senior Secondary School, Jhajjar Road, Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
204 Happy College of Education, Kosli Railway Station, PO-Kosli, Distt. Rewari, Haryana 200 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
205 Rao Khem Chand                                                                 College of Education, VPO-Bohatwas Ahir, Tehsil & Distt. Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
206 Rao Ranjeet Singh College of Education, Vill- Bodia Kamalpur,Distt. Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
207 Krishna Adarsh College of Education, Village- Bhotwas, PO-Jatusana, Distt. Rewari. 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
208 K.L. College of Education, Vill- Dohki, PO-Bikaner, Distt. Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
209 Baba Mohan Dass College of Education, Vill- Motla Kalan, Distt. Rewari, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
210 Mata Vaishnu Devi College ofEducation, Nagal Mundi, Distt. Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
211 Sarv Hind College of Education, VPO- Gurawara, Distt. Rewari, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
212 Vivekanand College of Education,VPO- Dahina, Distt. Rewari, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
213 Modern Indian College of Education, Vill- Pali, PO-Kund, Distt. Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
214 Bright Land College of Education, VPO- Jant Sayarwas, Distt. Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
215 Modern College of Education, Plot No. 49-9, 10/1, Main Road, VPO- Meerpur, Distt. Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
216 Sandesh College of Education, VPO- Karoli, Distt. Rewari 100 (Co-Edu.) REWARI -do-
217 G.B. College of Education, Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
218 Sharvan Inst. Of Rehabilitation for Mentally Retarded Persons, Gandhi Nagar, Rohtak 25 (for B.Ed Special Programme (Mental Retardation) inclusive 3 seats for foreign students) ROHTAK Self-Financing
219 Vikramaditya College of Education, Morkheri(Rohtak) 200 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK Self-Financing
220 Shri Balaji College of Education, Sampla (Rohtak) 200   (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
221 I.P. College of Education, Jasia Dist. Rohtak 200 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
222 Lord Shiva College of Education, VPO Lahli Dist. Rohtak 197 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
223   Kissan College of Education, Meham Bharan Madina Road, Meham, Dist. Rohtak 200 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
224 Saraswati Vidya Mandir College of Education, Hissar By Pass, Meham, Distt.Rohtak 197 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
225 K.V.M. College of Education, Ladhot Road, Distt. Rohtak. 197 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
226 D.A.V. College of Education, Hassangarh Distt. Rohtak 200 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
227 MR DAV College of Education, MR DAV Campus, 5th KM Stone, Sonepat Road, Rohtak. 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
228 Sat Priya College of Education, 0.5 KM Mils Stone, Jind Road, Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
229 I.P.S. College of Education Research & Technology, Jind Road, Near Jind Bye Pass, Nehru Colony, Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.)  ROHTAK -do-
230 Yash College of Education, VPO- Rurkee, Distt. Rohtak 200 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
231   St. Paul College of Education, Behind  New Bust Stand, Rohtak 200 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
232 R.K. College of Education, 21 KM Stone, Sonepat Road, Humayunpur, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
233 R.D. College of Education, VPO-Atail, Atail Sampla Road, Tehsil-Sampla, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK Self-Financing
234 V.B. College of Education, Jind Bye Pass, Rohtak 200 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
235 Green Valley College of Education, VPO-Titoli, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
236 Rashtriya College of Education,Opp. Sir Chhotu Ram Sports Stadium, Sonepat Road, Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
237 Sanskriti College of Education, 6 Milestone, Gohana Road, Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
238 Narayana College of Education, VPO- Kutana, Shastri Nagar, Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
239 Arya College of Education, VPO- Pharmana, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
240 Swami Daya Muni Vidyapeeth College of Education, Kalanaur, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
241 J.R. Kissan College of Education, Old Sunder Pura Road, Jind Bye Pass, Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
242 Capt. Hardev Singh College of Education, VPO- Madina, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
243 I.P.J. College of Education, VPO-Ismaila, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
244 S.S. College of Education, Vill. Kutana, Shiv Nagar, Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
245 Saraswati College of Education, Shora Kothi, Gau Karan Road, Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
246 Saini Institute of Girls Education, Saini High School Road, Chunipura, Rohtak 100 (Girls) ROHTAK -do-
247 Shri Baba Mast Nath Institute of Educational Training & Research, Asthal Bohar,  Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
248 Sunil Gugnani Memorial College of Education, 5- Mal Godam Road, Rohtak 100 (Girls ) ROHTAK -do-
249 Raj College of Education, VPO- Brahmanwas, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK Self-Financing
250 Indus College of Education, Indus Public School Campus, Asthal Bohar (Rohtak) 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
251 Aaryan College of Education, VPO- Lakhan Majra, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
252 Inder Prastha Education College, Jind Bye Pass, Near Power House, Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
253 Sheetla College of Education, VPO-Lakhan Majra, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
254 I.P.S. School of Management & Education, Jind Road, Near Jind Bye Pass, Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
255 I.B. Women College of Education & Management, Ram Gopal Colony, Near Sector-1 Telephone Exchange, Rohtak 100 (Girls) ROHTAK -do-
256 Vikramaditya Group of Educational Institutes, VPO- Morkheri, Tehsil- Sampla, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
257 S.R. College of Education, IMT, Kheri Sadh, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
258 Rama Krishna College of Education, VPO- Chandi,Tehsil- Meham, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
259 State Institute for Rehabilitatin Training and Research, (SIRTAR),Gandhi Nagar, Rohtak 25(B.Ed Spl Edu(MR) ROHTAK -do-
260 S.J.K. College of Education, Kalanaur, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
261 S.S.M. College of Education, VPO- Makrauli Khurd, Distt. Rohtak 100 (Co-Edu.) ROHTAK -do-
262 Om College of Education, Vill. Khandrai, Teh Gohana, Dist. Sonepat. 200 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT Self Financing
263 G.V.M. College of Education for Women, Sonepat 200 (Girls) SONEPAT -do-
264 Darsh College of Education, Vill. Kailana Taluka Mahmoodur The. Gohana Distt. Sonepat 197 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
265 S.S. College of Education, Vill. Mahmoodur The. Gohana Distt. Sonepat 197 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT Self Financing
266 Bhagwan Prashu Ram College of Education, Bali Brahmnan (Gohana) Distt. Sonepat 93 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
267 Mukhi College of Education,Vishnu Nagar, Ward No.12, Gohana Distt. Sonepat. 197 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
268 South Point College of Education, Purkhas Road,Near Sugar Mill, Sonepat. 200 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
269 The Krishna Education Research and Technological Institute, Vill-Bhanderi, PO-Madina, Tehsil-Gohana, Distt. Sonepat 97 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
270 Ch. Katar Singh College of Education, Gudha Road, Gohana,Distt. Sonepat 97 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
271 Shambhu Dayal College of Education, Gohana Road, Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
272 Navyug College for Education, Old Rohtak Road,, Prabhu Nagar, Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
273 D.C. Jain College of Education, Mehlana Road, Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
274 Kirorimal College of Education, Bagpat Road, Khewra, Distt. Sonepat 200 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
275 D.C.S College of Education, Mehmoodpur Road, Gohana, Distt. Sonepat, Haryana 200 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
276 Shiv Karan College of Education, VPO- Matindu, Distt. Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
277 Modern College of Education, Vishnu Nagar, Gohana, Distt. Sonepat 197 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
278 Venkteshwara College of Education, VPO-Rajpur, Distt. Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
279 Shiksha Bharti College of Education, VPO-Mohana, Distt. Sonepat, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT Self-Financing
280 D.B.M. College of Education, VPO-Madina, Tehsil-Gohana, Distt. Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT Self-Financing
281 Geeta College of Education,VPO-Butana Kundu, Tehsil-Gohana, Distt. Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
282 N.S. College of Education, VPO- Lohrara, Distt. Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
283 Ram Jas  College of Education, Govind Nagar, Sonepat, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
284 Paradise College of Education, Thana Kalan Road, Kharkhoda, Distt.Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
285 Bharat Vidya Peeth College of Education, VPO- Kasandi, Tehsil-Gohana Distt. Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
286 Mange Ram Womens College of Education, Purkhas, Jawahri Road, Near Railway Crossing, Sugar Mill, Sonepat 100 (Girls) SONEPAT -do-
287 Harsh College of Education, Purkhas, Dist.Sonepat, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
288 Shri Ganesh College of Education, Vill- Bali Brahmanan, Tehsil-Gohana, Distt. Sonepat, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
289 M.R.M College of Education, VPO- Gudha, Tehsil-Gohana, Distt. Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
290 Kirti College of Education, VPO- Anayat, Tehsil- Gohana, Distt. Sonepat, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
291 Aryawart College of Education, Vill- Khanda, Distt. Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
292 Jawahar Lal Nehru College of Education, Near Gudha Road, Behind Kath Mandi, Gohana, Distt. Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
293 Panchsheel Institute of Education, Research & Education, VPO- Jatwara, Distt. Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT Self-Financing
294 Sun Rise College of Education, Sector-59, VPO- Nangal Kalan, Distt. Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
295 Shree Ram Memorial College of Education, VPO- Bidhlan, Tehsil- Kharkhoda, Distt. Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
296 Bhagwan Mahavir College of Education, 31st Mile Stone, G.T. Road, Shakti Complex, Behind IOC Petrol Pump, Kundli (Now at Village Jagdishpur), Distt. Sonepat 300 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
297 K.C. College of Education, Plot No. 74/3, 60/24 and 125/10, Devi Lal Chowk, Ganaur, Distt. Sonepat, Haryana 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-
298 Janta College of Education, 18th Mile Stone, G.T. Karnal, Singhu Border,VPO-Nathupur, Dist. Sonepat 100 (Co-Edu.) SONEPAT -do-


Note- This List has been taken from MDU official website and shared with an intention to help admission aspirants.

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Gyan Ganga Polytechnic College

Gyan Ganga Polytechnic


Realizing the need for economic independence and the pivotal role men play in raising the standard of living of a vast strata of our society, Gyan Ganga Polytechnic & ITI is providing career-oriented education to the students so as to equip them with requisite qualification and training. This institute of excellence aims at improving the quality of technical education to enable the students either to take up gainful employment or to start their own enterprise to gain economic prosperity. A well directed education is a passport to a good, comfortable and secured life. It will enable youngsters to become contributing members of society through their gained knowledge, skills and character development. We invite youngsters endowed with inquisitive minds and high professional aspirations, to come forward and join us to become significant MEMBERS of the Gyan Ganga Polytechnic & ITI. The Polytechnic is fully alive to the needs and aspirations of the student community and keeps itself abreast of the changes taking place on the industrial and educational front of the country.

      The Polytechnic has well trained, competent and dedicated faculty to impart theoretical as well as practical training to the students. Regular involvement of the expert faculty from other reputed institutions and organizations helps in improving the quality of education and gives wider exposure to the students. Gyan Ganga is more than just giving lectures and is focused on over all development of the student’s personality. Extra curricular activities and emphasis on ancient Vedic culture help the students in improving their horizon and vision.

     The Institute has meaningful rapport with other organizations and will sponsor the students of various courses for training in these reputed organizations. The Institution is Approved by the Govt. of Haryana and AICTE, New Delhi. The Polytechnic is affiliated to Haryana State Board of Technical Education and is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute.The Institute is committed to provide quality vocational and technical education, boost the student’s morale and instill in them a new confidence to accept the challenges of life and put their best foot forward in the march to success for betterment of their lot.

Available Branches:

Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronics & Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering, Automobile Engineering.

Course Fee-  15,000/- Per Semester.  If candidate belongs to BPL family fee would be just 12,000/- per semester.


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Admission In Accurate Institute of Management and Technology

AccurateAbout Accurate Group

Accurate Group of Institutions is a leading Institution offering a wide range of courses pertaining to different fields of studies. Established in the year 2006, Accurate has grown immensely and today it stands tall as a full-fledged Institute. The focus is on teaching, consulting research & Management Development Programs with state of art classrooms, internet, computing facilities and seminar facilities. The lush green campus of Accurate Institute of Management & Technology at Greater Noida, combines exquisite natural beauty & high tech environs of modern times, to set an ideal environment for higher academic pursuits. Accurate believes in harmonious faculty – student relationship, which fosters mutual growth. Accurate has partnerships with various foreign universities like- University of Auckland, New Zealand & Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, for student exchange programs. Consultancy & Management Development Programs provide thrust to Accuratians growth.

The Campus

The institute spread over 16-acres of land in the Institutional area in Knowledge Park-3, Greater Noida. The city provides a glorious partnership of industry with nature and an excellent ambience to the students. Placement is on the top of the agenda at campus for all. The entire gamut of academic activities are oriented to provide the best possible placement to the students in leading corporate houses/MNCs preferably in Delhi-NCR as well as in other parts of India and overseas. The institute provides a rich learning environment with Wi-Fi enabled building and technological support to facilitate teaching, learning and personality development. Over the years, the institute has become reputed for its innovative and relevant curriculum. With superior infrastructure, industry benchmarked curriculum, and a dedicated centre for corporate relations for exposure into the intricacies of the corporate world, the institute has all the requisite facilities that form an integral part of nay top B-School.

Courses offered


B. Arch





awards Awards

Best Private Engineering College- “Brands Academy”

No.1 promising institute in Delhi NCR-“CSR”

Ranked Among Best 25 Colleges in North

Best Management Institute in Delhi NCR

Ranked Amongst Top 25 Management Colleges in North By The Week

Best industry Interface– ” Devang Mehta B-School Awards”

Best Placement among Management College in Delhi NCR– “Times Research”

And list goes on……….


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B.C.M. Polytechnic

BCMTop Polytechnic college in Delhi NCR: BCM Polytechnic

Bright Career Mission is taking great pains to provide better engineers to the society. It is recognized by the State Board of Technical, Haryana and All India Council for Technical Education. It presently offers three year Diploma courses in Computer Engg. Civil Engg. Mechanical Engg. Mechanical (CAD/CAM) Engg. Electronic & Communication Engg and Account Audit. Job Oriented & as per Industry Demand the course Mechanical ( CAD/CAM ) and Account & Audit are only run by BCM Polytechnic in Jhajjar Distt.

The Institute is situated in Jhajjar on Kosli Road . It is just 7 km. from Jhajjar city near by Delhi ncr. The campus is beautifully landscaped with lush green lawns, impressive building, colourful flowerbeds and shaded avenues to make the environment completely healthy & eco-friendly. The college has well-equipped labs, workshops, lecture room, library with a rich collection of books, tutorial room, drawing hall, playground, hostel & canteen.

The Institute is committed to make engineering a tremendously exciting endeavor by seeking solutions to the most difficulty of our day in the contest physical, economic , political, legal & cultural realities.

To know more about college, campus, faculties, you may write us at admission@edutechguide.com or call us at 9212155696.

Admission Procedure


For 1st Year: Matric with English, Maths & Science ( Passed in each subject) first, the seats will be filled up from the rank holders of DET and after exhausting the candidates of DET, the remaining seats if any will be filled up on the basis of academic qualifying merit only.

For 2nd Year: 10+2 PCM, Voc.(10+2), ITI


Courses Sanctioned Intake
Mechanical Engineering 60
Mechanical CAD/CAM Engineering 60
Mechanical Production Engineering 60
Civil Engineering 60
Electrical Engineering 60
Electronics & Communication Engineering 60

Admission Criteria

The admission against 25% management quota seats will be made on the basis of the merit obtained in the Diploma Entrance Test As per guidelines of the Board of Technical Education, Haryana.

Course Fee– 17,500/- per semester

Hostel fee: – Rs. 40,000/- Per Annum including boarding & Lodging.

Salient Facilities    

Adequate class rooms & Labs as per AICTE Norms

Highly qualified and experienced staff

Separate hostel for boys and girls

Well stocked Library with 15000 books

Twenty four hours Electricity backup

Lush green campus

Hygienic atmosphere

Scholarship to  SC/ST/BC

Hundred percent placement

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Marine Engineering



Marine Engineering is an exciting and challenging career which deals with manufacturing, designing and operation of ship machinery and engines. It is one of the disciplines of engineering which deals with science and nautical architecture. The marine engineers are engaged in supervising the engine crew involved in operating the machines. They also check for the smooth functioning of all electric motors, steam engines and propulsive engines etc. The marine engineers continuously take efforts to improve the efficiencies of gas turbine, existing shipboard conventional steam, nuclear propulsion plants and diesel. This is the best field for getting excellent government jobs.

Performance and growth of industry in India

Marine engineering has a great scope in India. Many of the students want to pursue this advance branch of engineering. Scope of marine engineering courses give plenty of opportunities on and off shores.

Options and Opportunities

Marine engineers has various job responsibilities in the industries like shipping, ship manufacturing, steel industry, power sector, manufacturing sector, consultancy firm. They design, construct and develop nautical equipments. After completing Marine Engineering courses candidates can option for lucrative career options in public and private shipping companies, engine production firms, ship building and designing firms, navy, research bodies. After graduating as a marine engineer, one can get a job in a ship as a third assistant engineer or fourth engineer. They can also get employed in different foreign and Indian shipping companies.

Courses Available

-Automatic Radar Plotting Aids (ARPA)
-B.E. Marine Engineering
-B.S. Marine Engineering
-B.S. Nautical Technology
-B.Sc. Nautical Science
-B.Tech. Marine Engineering
-Deck Cadets
-Diploma in Marine Electrical and Electronic Engineering
-Diploma in Marine Engineer Conversion Course (GEC)
-Diploma in Merchant Navy
-Diploma in Nautical Science
-General Purpose Rating (GP Rating)
-Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS)
-Graduate Marine Engineering
-Higher National Diploma (HND) in Marine Engineering
-Higher National Diploma (HND) in Nautical Science
-M.E. Marine Engineering
-Medical First Aid (MFA)
-Pre sea Training for Diploma Holders (DME)
-Pre sea Training for Graduates (GME)

Qualification required

-For B.E/B.Tech in marine engineering a candidate is required to pass 10+2 with physics, chemistry and maths as compulsory subjects.
-For M.E/M.Tech in marine engineering a candidate is required to have B.E/B.Tech in marine engineering.
-For Diploma in mining engineering – 10th passed with at least 50% marks

Some good institutes

-Indian Institute of Maritime Studies
-Maharashtra Academy of Engineering & Educational Research
-Marine Engineering and Research Institute
-International Maritime Institute
-Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering
-Birla Institute of Technology & Science
-Mohamed Sathak Engineering College
-College of Engineering, Anna University
-University of Madras
-Annamalai University
-Chennai School of Ship Management

Entrance exams

-Marine Engineering & Research Institute Entrance Exam
-Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test
-Marine Engineering & Research Institute Entrance Exams
-Indian maritime University Common Entrance Test
-All India Common Entrance Test
-IIT Joint Entrance Examination
-All India Engineering Entrance Examination
-Entrance test for admission into Post Graduation course
-Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering or GATE

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